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Justin Marchegiani, DC
Cupertino, California

A little bit about me:

Dr. Justin’s practice is an outgrowth of the increasing need for natural healthcare solutions that is evident in today’s society. Diabetes, hypothyroidism and hormonal imbalances are on the rise along with many other countless chronic degenerative conditions.

It’s hard to find an individual that doesn’t know someone who is not affected by one these conditions. Dr. Justin makes it his goal to use the most effective, natural, and innovative healing techniques available to help address the underlying cause of your unique health challenge so optimal health is no longer a possibility but a reality. Come see if you are a good candidate for care…

My Philosophy:

A Paleo or primal diet is the foundation for good health. Providing a diet that is nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory and low in toxins is required to give your body what it needs to function optimally.

Justin Marchegiani, DC

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Telephone: (408) 217-2391

20570 Valley Green Drive
(Located in Outback Steak-House Plaza)
Cupertino CA, 95014

Additional office located in Austin, TX

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