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Julia Williams, DO
Zell am See, Salzburg

A little bit about me:

I am an osteopath and naturopath who has spent the last 17 years working in my busy family orientated clinics in London and Scotland treating people with problems ranging from acute and chronic back pain, sports injuries and arthritis to infantile colic, childhood ENT dysfunctions and adult gastrointestinal dysfunction. However, I feel that the basis to so many of these problems can be found in lifestyle and nutrition and decided to focus my efforts on the wider education of the principles of health. Even as a relatively educated and medically trained person, I find the overwhelming quantity of conflicting health information available in books, on the internet, in newspapers and even in health food shops difficult to assimilate and can’t imagine what it is like for the ordinary person who just wants to improve their own health. The amount of money and time and even health risks spent on fads and wasted supplements must be huge. To this end I now run workshops and retreats based on the ancestral health principles in the Austria alps, London and Sri Lanka and host a website offering concise, documented information.

My Philosophy:

I would like as many people as possible to be aware of the implications of their lifestyle on their health and happiness and to be able to make informed choices as to how to live their lives. I would like the information to be as easy to understand and source as possible, whether they seek the information in clinic based consultations, at workshops or from the internet and books. I believe that following the principles of ancestral health automatically provides the best nutritional, physical and mental health and leads to each person being able to perform to their best ability every day.helping you get well, stay well and live well. I invite you to call our office with questions and/or to schedule an appointment.

Julia Williams, DO

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Telephone: +436605428810

Fuchslehenstraße 12
Zell am See, Salzburg 5700

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