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Judy Tsafrir, MD
Newton Centre, Massachusetts

A little bit about me:

I am a Harvard affiliated, board certified, conventionally trained adult and child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and a Certified GAPS Practitioner located in Newton, Massachusetts. I have a deep curiosity about development and healing, and have an open mind about trying diverse approaches to help my patients. I am familiar and skilled in working within a traditional medical/psychiatric model, but am now much more drawn to nutritional approaches to healing, as well as more unconventional energetic/holistic/spiritual approaches. I love my work, which I see as helping my patients become most fully themselves, enjoying optimum health and vitality, and creating and living a life they love.

My approach to my patients reflects my belief in the centrality of the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship and the power of the unconscious in our lives.

My Philosophy:

Increasingly I have begun to work with many of my patients to help them make changes in their diets and lifestyle that allow them to stop taking prescription medications. I have a particularly passionate interest in the approach of Natasha Campbell-McBride’s nutritional protocol for healing, GAPS, the philosophy and political activism of The Weston A Price Foundation, the Evolutionary/Paleolithic perspective on health and nutrition, and the importance of a high saturated fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet with an avoidance of all processed and refined foods for optimal health. I have a goal of helping my patients heal with natural means: foods, detoxification and natural supplements, and not simply treating symptoms with one pharmaceutical or invasive procedure after another.

Judy Tsafrir, MD

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Telephone: (617) 965-3020

120 Sumner Street
Newton Centre, MA 02459

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