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Jose Sandoval, Ph.D., CHC
Miami, Florida

A little bit about me:

“If you’re tired, feel overwhelmed and experience digestive pain, I can help you. I’ll help you to get rid of your pain, bloating, cramps and embarrassing moments so that you can enjoy life and get back to living. I’ll support you in managing any digestive disorder (e.g., IBS, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome or diabetic condition.

I will help you to discover which foods & healing traditions nourish your body and mind. As you experiment with the foods that work best for your body at this point in your life and follow simple recommendations, you will experience more vitality, balance and bliss. As a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and licensed psychologist I have studied all the major dietary theories, latest advancements in nutritional research and the psychology of who you are as an eater. I practice functional nutrition to help you uncover the root cause of your health condition.”

My Philosophy:

The primal/paleo/ancestral diet is the foundation to good health. It has the potential to radically transform your body, mind and spirit. I have seen several client increase their energy, mental clarity and elevate their mood by changing how they eat. I believe the movement address the primary causes of most chronic disease that we see in today’s world.

Jose Sandoval, Integrative Practitioner

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Telephone: (305) 720-0237

11401 SW 40 Street
Suite 321
Miami, FL 33165

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