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Jonathan Chung, DC
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

A little bit about me:

As a chiropractor who focuses on structural correction of the upper cervical spine. By restoring the alignment and biomechanics of the spine back towards normal to allow for normal function of the brainstem and nervous system work primarily with neurological cases and have a holistic view on health. I am a published researcher with 6 cases in peer reviewed journals. I have a passion for evolutionary based health, nutrition, and functional exercise.

My Philosophy:

The primal and paleo diet is less so a diet, but a scientific view of eating based on how our genes respond to food. Human beings have an extraordinary ability to adapt to it’s environment and our genes have spent millions of years adapting to the environment of our ancestors. The exponential growth and change of the ecosystem has placed stresses on human diet that humans have not yet had time to respond to. As a result, it’s critical to understand how our biochemistry is designed so we can make the best and most intelligent choices about food. It is the only way that chronic degenerative disease can be combated in an economical fashion.

Jonathan Chung, DC

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Telephone: (561) 247-0044

420 State Road 7
Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411

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