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Johnny Gomes, DO
Morganton, North Carolina

A little bit about me:

I am a board certified emergency medicine specialist. I live in Western North Carolina. My clinical area of interest is in obtaining wellness through lifestyle modification, including nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction techniques. My personal interests include hiking, biking, kayaking, and photography. I have recently become frustrated with the standard way of doing things in healthcare, and in managing chronic conditions in my acute care practice. I felt that it was time for a change, where I could do the most good for people, rather than just maintaining the status quo.

My Philosophy:

My personal experience with Paleo has been the transformation in the way that it has made me feel, and I used myself as a guinea pig before recommending it to others. For most of my adult life, as I ate in the way that I was told was healthy, I always had GI issues, and experienced repeated issues with my weight (which became harder to lose). I have researched Paleo / Primal extensively over the past year, and I have needed to re-learn many things that I had always been taught as dogma. I am convinced that this is the way we are meant to exist. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. I have assisted several friends in transitioning to a Primal way of eating, and they have experienced amazing transformations in their appearance and in their health. I am now moving forward with establishing my career in Functional Medicine, where Paleo will be the keystone from which well-being comes.

Johnny Gomes, DO

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Telephone: (828) 443-3807

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