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John Sorrentino, DMD
Hopewell Junction, New York

A little bit about me:

I have always lived an active lifestyle and see my practice as an extension of that lifestyle. I believe that a good dentist is always trying to put himself out of the drilling business and put himself into the education business. Along with my patients we are making that transition. This is because the best form of dentistry is prevention.

As a general dentist we offer a wide range of dental services including sedation and nutritional counseling. We also offer consultations and second opinions worldwide via skype or phone.

My Philosophy:

Cavities, gum disease, dental defects, crooked and crowded teeth, tooth loss, these problems are a scourge on our society. But they are rare in traditional foraging peoples, and almost unknown in our distant ancestors. I believe that dental and orthodontic problems relate to a mismatch between the chemical and physical properties of the foods we eat today, and those to which our jaws and teeth have evolved to eat. When you look at the teeth and jaws thru the lens of evolution you realize that solution becomes self-evident. Eat in a way that works with not against our genetics.

Tooth decay is a disease of carbohydrate consumption. Remove them from your diet and your dental problems will be few.

Dental diseases are every bit as much diseases of civilization as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. This means that the benefits of a low carbohydrate lifestyle go far beyond most peoples goals.

John Sorrentino, DMD

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Telephone: (845) 226-4100

1009 Route 82
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

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