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Joe Tittle, NP
El Paso, Texas

A little bit about me:

19 years experience as a Registered Nurse, the last 8 years as an Advanced Practice Nurse.

In Private practice with supervising physician, but maintain my own patient base. I work hard at trying to get patients to take ownership of their disease. They have control over the disease process it does not control them.

Experience in managing diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, high cholesterol and HIV/AIDS. I believe medication is a wonder of science but there is no free lunch, medications have side effects and the disease process has complications. I am willing to work hard with the patient and use available resources to help them take control of their disease and minimize or eliminate medications in controlling their disease.

My personal promise to you is that I will give you 110% in your process of healing and give you my very best attention in helping you achieve optimum wellness so you can feel great and help those around you feel better too. No problem is too big. If you are willing to participate, I love a good challenge

My Philosophy:

At the first I was skeptical just the Atkins or South Beach Diet repackaged. I began working out at a local Crossfit facility and went through a 12 week Paleo Challenge for the summer. I dropped 40 pounds, lowered my HgbA1C from 5.4% to 4.9%, cut my cholesterol in half and increased my testosterone (I was 46 at the time) My wife being my other study subject has a familial trait for high cholesterol and heart disease. It took longer approximately 2 years but I have also brought her cholesterol to with in normal while taking 5mg of Crestor every other day.

I have used the Paleo diet on many patients frustrated by the current ADA diet and have removed medications and maintained and even increased control of diabetes and high cholesterol.I am astounded by it and want to teach more patients to control their diabetes, cholesterol and even diabetes with little or no medications.

Joe Tittle, NP

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Telephone: (915) 855-1720

1742 North Zaragosa Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79928

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