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Jamie Scott
Nutrition / Exercise Science
Christchurch, New Zealand

A little bit about me:

I spent 8 years in teritiary education studying many aspects of human physiology, nutrition, sport and exercise science. Upon completion of these studies I started my career with a mixture of personal training, nutrition consulting, rehabilitation, and high-performance coaching, logging over 7000 contact hours with individuals in this capacity. I now work mostly in corporate health, researching and developing programmes to help educate individuals on the best path to optimal health. This work is heavily influenced by evolutionary biology. I still maintain a small private nutrition and exercise practice, helping individuals where I can to apply a paleo lifestyle.

My Philosophy:

It is clear that many aspects of our modern life are mismatched with our evolutionary history. This mismatch is at least partly responsible for the many chronic health issues our modern populations face. By realigning some of the key aspects which drive our physiology, biochemistry, and therefore, our health, we can perhaps improve the quality of life for individuals and ease the burden of ill-health on society. The paleo/primal diet isn’t about re-enactment, but about applying some basic principles and an evolutionary template to modern life.

Jamie Scott
Nutrition/Exercise Science

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Telephone: +6421324846

350B Hereford Street
Christchurch, Canterbury 8011
New Zealand

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