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Jami Rassmussen, DC
Lino Lakes, Minnesota

A little bit about me:

I speak extensively in my community about all things health and wellness. Not only do I talk the talk but I walk the walk. My family and I experience abundant health as a result of our commitment to honor our innate health potentials. I eat Paleo and if you want to find me over my lunch break you can do so at my favorite box, The Athlete Lab.

My Philosophy:

I believe the body has an innate intelligence that is always trying to maintain health. Unfortunately our society does not understand this and has fallen for the genetics hoax that they have no control over their health. It has become my passion to educate my community that health happens by choice and not by chance. To accomplish health it starts by honoring your bodies innate intelligence. This is done so by providing the body with the nutrients, movement, and mindset it needs while removing the negative stressors and toxins.

Jami Rassmussen, DC

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Telephone: (651) 528-8260

6776 Lake Drive
Suite 210
Lino Lakes, MN 55014

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