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Heather Rooks, DC
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

A little bit about me:

I use cutting edge health care that looks at people as a WHOLE SYSTEM as opposed to individual areas looked at separately. Using advanced diagostic testing, DNA analysis, blood work, urine, and saliva among others, I can determine overall health status and pinpoint specific organs or organ systems that may be dysfunctional. In some cases, long before pathological consequences results.

From prevention to handling chronic conditions, functional endocrinology is based on the idea that the body is an inter-related system, and that no part of the body works all by itself, without having some effect on other parts of the body.

I have created a Model Of Care that is a complet Integration of body regulation systems which includes:

  • Neurological assement and application of Chirproactic science and art to regain proper spinal biomechanics and nerve system function,
  • Comprehensive Functional Endocrinology testing~ blood, saliva & stool
  • Clinical nutrition applications including food and
  • Essential Nutrient Supplementation
  • Lifestyle modification to address chemical toxic overload, stress & sleep

My Philosophy:

With all of the clinical data, research and using the Primal/Paleo diet, personally and professionally, I completely agree with the concepts of this style of eating and living. I too agree the the demise of the modern persons health is completely contributed too by the SAD diet, the processed food industry, GMO foods, as well as the lack of nutrient status of our overall food supply.

The epidemic proportion and EXPLOSION of commom modern Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmmunity, Obesity and Chronic diseases is attributed by POOR DIET, POOR NUTRITIONAL STATUS, and OVERCONSUMPTION OF PROCESSED NON-FOOD items that are labeled and marketed as food.

In my practice in the last 10 years the chronic inflammatory status of most people that consult w/ me or that I treat is ASTRONOMICAL… So much so that my traditional Chirorpactic approach was getting minimized results so I decided to further my education and completely change my paradigm of how I practice in the Modern day to BEST meet the needs of my clients.

When I work with people who adhere to the Primal/ Paleo food reconditions, balance their hormones, decrease their sugar/refined carb load in their body, get adjusted and supplement with essential vita,ins and minerals, and Move their bodies… THEY NOT ONLY FEEL BETTER ~THEY FLOURISH!!!

Heather Rooks, DC

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Telephone: (484) 775-0550

PATH Integrative Health Center
98 Wilmington-W.Chester Pike
Suite 3
Chadds Ford, PA 19317

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