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Gayle Baingo, RDN
Flagstaff, Arizona

A little bit about me:

My philosophy is that Food is Medicine and there are NO healthy processed foods. I work with individuals on how to improve their diets by learning how to purchase and prepare food “off the grid” so to speak. I show you how to optimize your health by removing foods that may be damaging to your health and how to replace with wholesome whole foods. My focus is on healing the digestive tract to stop the “river of toxicity” to decrease inflammation. Old World Nutrition so to speak.

My Philosophy:

We were born to be healthy and be in perfect health. Our bodies health care system allows us to live in a natural state of health and is encoded in our DNA. Health problems occur when something interferes with our innate health care system.

Our natural state is health. When you adopt a traditional diet that consists of whole foods, your body is able to stay healthy, repair and prevent illness and disease. What we put on our forks is paramount to our wellbeing.

Our digestive system is where 85% of our immune system resides and is the center of a “newly” discovered universe of microbes, 90% of all genetic material in the human body is our gut flora. Their role in human health is monumental and when in proper balance, provides protection, nourishment and immunity keeping us free from disease and illness, restoring energy and improving digestion. I teach people how to rebalance their system for optimal health.

Gayle Baingo, RDN – Certified GAPS Practitioner

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Telephone: (928) 380-1610

1210 West Davis Way
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

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