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Erynn Kay, PA-c
Littleton, Colorado

A little bit about me:

After graduating PA school in 2009, I began working in a generalized Internal Medicine practice in Goodyear AZ. I saw a broad patient population with numerous ailments and quickly realized that conventional medicine does not consider nutrition as the foundation for preventing and treating disease. Due to my own health challenges and the challenges of my patients, I began to research the use of nutrition as medicine and treating the whole patient instead of the disease. After attempting a vegan diet for several months with extremely poor results, I found the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, which has allowed me to experience the level of health I desire. I have spent the last 3 years studying and researching new topics within this lifestyle and developing a more functional approach to my medical practice. I am particularly passionate about gastrointestinal issues and how GI health relates to overall health, and the health of our Pediatric population through a Paleo lifestyle.

When I’m not listening to Paleo podcasts or reading Paleo blogs, I like to hike, read, cook, practice yoga, and spend time with my dog, Linus!

My Philosophy:

As most disease is rooted in inflammation, an anti-inflammatory diet is a perfect starting point for healing. I believe if healthcare providers discussed nutrition with patients on a regular basis, specifically a low-carbohydrate Paleo approach, there would be a decreased need for medication and a healthier population overall. Though many are resistant to dietary changes, the patients I have worked with that tried a Paleo approach had significant success in reducing inflammation and enjoying the benefits of a healthy life. I currently work with Dr. Jeffry Gerber, Denver’s Diet Doctor, in Littleton, CO. Physicals, preventive services, counseling and referrals from other doctors are usually covered within our program. Insurance plans will cover nutrition counseling and weight loss in the context of treating associated medical conditions and total health. We also accept self pay if you do not have insurance.

Erynn Kay, Certified Physician Assistant

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Telephone: (303) 346-9490

7720 South Broadway
Suite 480
Littleton, CO 80122

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