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Ellen Antoine, DO, FACEP, ABIHM
Carmel, Indiana

A little bit about me:

It is often a mystery how people find their passion. However, for me there was no mystery. For as far back as I can remember into my childhood I always had the dream of becoming a doctor. I followed a traditional path to achieve that goal with an undergraduate degree from Tulane University and a doctorate from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I became board certified in Emergency Medicine after completing my residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. After 12 years of academic and clinical practice in the fast paced, exciting emergency room, I realized I wanted more of a relationship with my patients. General practice in America today often means limited time with the physician and the suggested regimen of recovery often begins and never ends with procedures, surgery, and prescriptions. Conventional medicine is not the form of medicine I wanted to practice. I chose to become a physician because I wanted to play an integral role in long-term and complete healing. Prescriptions are often a band-aid for physical issues and I began to research alternative and more holistic methods for resolving physical problems for patients.

For the last four years I have spent thousands of hours at conferences and seminars in the study of Functional Medicine. (“To read more about Functional Medicine click here” insert link to my home page here) My belief is that many of the current physical ailments American’s struggle with are related to an unhealthy lifestyle, toxic environment and poor diet. Drs. Mark Hyman and Andrew Weil have both been professors of mine during these few years and I received an education that I believe will revolutionize the way we think about health in America today. When employing these methods, the results are astonishing. Within my own family I have seen complete recovery from disease and debilitating illness.

Americans spend tens of thousands of dollars yearly in healthcare costs that may not be necessary. A holistic approach using Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine techniques can reverse or prevent many of the diagnoses of disease. This change of path has been exhilarating and I am thrilled to bring this knowledge to Carmel Indiana. Understanding the precepts of Functional Medicine, where spiritual, physical, and emotional health are all intertwined, will release you from the bondage of pain and pills which so many people struggle with. I have a specific interest in cancer and what a Functional Medical approach can do for those patients in terms of both prevention and adjunctive care.

It is my sincerest hope that I can bring a measure of peace and health to you and your family as we embark on treatment with a whole body, mind, body, spirit approach. We will partner in healing and tackle the issues without using the conventional medical band-aid.

I look forward to partnering with you at Vine Healthcare, LLC where we will treat you from the roots to the branches.

My Philosophy:

As it relates to dietary changes, I recommend my patients adopt a paleo diet…one that is low inflammatory and healing to the lining of the GI tract. I stress a whole foods diet rich in phytonutrients and adequate protein in order to detox. Hormonal health, weight, GI symptoms, autoimmune diseases, and blood sugar, to name a few, are well controlled and treated with adopting a paleo diet.

Ellen Antoine, DO, FACEP, ABIHM

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Telephone: (317) 989-8463

13295 Illinois Street
Suite 324
Carmel, IN 46032

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