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Daniel Stickler, MD
Asheville, North Carolina

A little bit about me:

I knew from the time I was eight years old that I would be a Doctor. I trained in allopathic medicine and held board certification in General Surgery for more than ten years; performing general and vascular surgery as well as over 3,000 gastric bypass weight loss procedures. I had a thriving surgical practice and was a specialist in weight loss, treating over 10,000 clients in both the surgical practice and at the wellness institute. The busier I became the more I began to realize that true health is not a result of pharmaceuticals and stainless steel. I discovered that the clients at the wellness institute were making remarkable progress through nutrition, fitness and lifestyle counseling and hormone optimization. Not only were they resolving disease, they were optimizing health, regaining vitality, improving neuro-cognitive status and best of all, they were creating lasting changes.

This realization led me to the understanding that I could leave the old methods behind and fully embrace a new paradigm of health optimization. I retired from surgery and now know that each individual has within them the ability to achieve optimal health and live a life full of vitality. I work closely with each client to develop individualized treatment regimens and provides extensive guidance throughout the year to assist the client in achieving their goals.

My Philosophy:

Nutrition is the base from which we build everything. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in other areas to achieve optimal health, without good nutrition, your results will be minimal. The Paleo eating lifestyle is based on human genetics, physiology, and biochemistry. It is not based on numbers or points but rather a lifestyle based on food selection.

The rationale behind the Paleo eating lifestyle is to create an environment that is synergistic with hormones that minimizes free radical generation—thus protecting the body from disease development and optimizing its ability to combat the ravages of aging. Human physiology was not designed to deal with refined and overly processed carbohydrates. For over 99% of our human existence, we have been hunter-gatherers. Our genetics are programmed for eating in spurts; one day we may have plenty of food, and the next day food could be scarce.

Insulin is the body’s nutritional conductor. When food is plentiful, insulin is high and when food is scarce, insulin levels are low. Insulin tells the fat cells that there are plenty of calories available, instructing the fat cells to store energy. When food is absent, insulin is low, instructing the fat cells to mobilize calories for energy. The problem is that we live in a society where food is constantly in abundance, so we rarely have this signal to burn up the energy from the fat cell. The beauty of the Paleo lifestyle is that it takes advantage of this phenomenon and minimizes the insulin response.

The Paleo lifestyle improves body composition, reduces inflammation and risk of disease, boosts immune function, maximizes hormone supplementation and increases energy. The Paleo eating lifestyle will also create consistent insulin levels and circulating blood sugar, key for preventing energy crashes throughout the day.

Daniel Stickler, MD

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Telephone: (828) 505-8087

190 Broadway Street
Suite 101
Asheville, NC 28801

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