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Daniel Lopez, DO
New York, New York

A little bit about me:

I specialize in osteopathic manipulative medicine, which deals with understanding health from a perspective of structure and function. I help people maximize their health and vitality through nutrition and a unique hands-on treatment that gets to the cause of the problem. I spend a lot of time treating primal reflexes and evaluating how they’ve been hard-wired and can cause pain.

My Philosophy:

As a population, the healthiest thing we can do is look at how we ate and lived for the majority of our existence on the planet. Proper nutrition, movement and taking charge of our own health is the key to be as healthy as possible. The paleo/primal diet helps the body remember how to be healthy again.

Daniel Lopez, DO

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Telephone: (212) 226-6264

44 E 12th St
Suite MD4
New York, NY 10003

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