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Claire Yates
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
Perth, Western Australia

A little bit about me:

I am a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Presenter and Author of ‘Optimum Health the Paleo Way’. I have a passion for nutritional health, based on evolutionary principles and I specialise in using nutritional medicine and functional medicine testing for gut health and food sensitivities.

It is clear that the current mainstream view of health and nutrition is not working for us. Rates of ‘lifestyle’ disease continue to rise, despite advances in human nutrition and medicine. Even with my professional nutritional knowledge, I still struggled with food addiction and poor gut health. So if I couldn’t make it work – how was I meant to help my clients achieve better health through food? I overcame this by using my nutritional medicine knowledge, applying a paleo template to my eating, and taking a targeted gut health approach. It is not about becoming a ‘caveman’ again, but about listening to our bodies, looking after our gut, getting back to a more natural way of eating and nourishing our bodies through whole foods. This is what I want to share with my clients and to reaffirm that not everything needs to be a “one-size-fits all”. We all need to have a tailored way of eating, which is as individual as we are!

My Philosophy:

I see often in clinic that people have started a paleo approach but are still struggling because they have not corrected their gut issues. Good health starts in the gut – you need a good foundation so that all of your great dietary choices can do their job properly!

Taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, I not only cover all aspects of paleo nutrition and functional testing, but also emphasises the effects that factors such as stress, poor sleep, and lifestyle can have on our health. Drawing on your case history, presenting symptoms and testing, I will work with you to devise an individualised plan that will address your symptoms, through treating the root cause.  I will also assist you in developing small achievable lifestyle goals to help you discover a ‘whole health’ approach to your wellbeing.

Do you want to find out what is really the cause of your gut health issues?  Do you want to know how your relationship with food is impacting your health?  Or are you sick of feeling tired, bloated and just not feeling well? I am extremely experienced in all aspects of paleo nutrition, gut health and functional medicine testing. Get excited about starting your journey to better health.

Claire Yates, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner & Author

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Perth, Australia

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