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Bita Miranda Hunt, BA, HHC
Locust Valley, New York

A little bit about me:

I am the Owner~Operator of Bita Eats; a small health based company that offers wellness consulting and chef prepared meals. I provide high quality health supportive cuisine and coaching for clients as well as offering elder care. I was raised in a macrobiotic household and living a natural lifestyle has always been second nature. My speciality is in anti-aging and longevity nutrition.

My goal is to open a brick and mortar location (with the help of investors) that is half laboratory/half café; a place where people can gather for a quick munch or indulge in an medicinal tonic. I am open to relocation, especially San Francisco & the Bay Area.

My Philosophy:

I feel that the oldest way is often the best way. I also feel that we have been riddled with more sickness the further we get away from our primal roots. Simplicity is best. A return to basics often produces grand results.

My intention is to educate and illuminate others on how to live a primal yet luxurious lifestyle; to be a primal princess. My goal is to help others live a natural life rich with passion and sensuality. Being healthy and sexy can coexist without sacrificing comfort.

Bita Miranda Hunt, BA, HHC

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Telephone: (516) 662-5176

97 Valley Avenue
Locust Valley, NY 11560

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