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Betsy Hendricks, MD
Conway, Arkansas

A little bit about me:

My first memory of, “What do I want to be when I grow up” is “a doctor”. This desire stayed with me, even when I was distracted by electronics and computer programming for awhile. In my training and as a doctor, for me, it was never about just prescribing medications. It has been all about figuring out why the person is sick and how to help them recover. I continue to do this work in my practice and I am working to increase community awareness of the role of diet, nutrition and lifestyle (activity level, toxin exposures, social support) in restoring health. We follow a Paleo diet in my home (grandsons, daughters, and the grandmother (me)). I am on a journey to health recovery along with my patients and the students that attend my classes.

My Philosophy:

I believe that true healthcare is about being a guide. A guide to help people discover what is making them sick, and to help them discover their path to health recovery. Healthcare is about educating people about the impact that their day to day choices have on their health. These choices include the medicines they take, the personal care products and household products they use, the health of their local environment and the food that they eat. These choices also include daily activity and exercise. During the past several years, there have been different diets, with common themes, working towards the same goal. That goal is to provide nutritious foods, while removing inflammatory foods and toxins, and helping the person heal. The Primal/Paleo diet provides a dietary framework that can be individualized for each person’s journey to either maintain health or recover they health.

Betsy Hendricks, MD

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Telephone: (501) 327-2967

505 Amity Road
Suite 604
Conway, Arkansas 72032

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