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Arwen Podesta, MD
New Orleans, Louisiana

A little bit about me:

As your psychiatrist, my aim is to help you achieve your fullest potential of wellness and health. I am board certified in Adult Psychiatry, Addiction Medicine, Holistic & Integrative Medicine, and Forensic Psychiatry. My extensive training helps me deeply understand your neurobiology from a reductionist standpoint, your whole environment and ecology and how that affects your well-being, and how medication, nutrition and lifestyle change can help you feel your best. Essentially, I use science and evidence based therapies to treat your body, mind and spirit. Together with my collaborating team, we use medication, psychotherapy and counseling, acupuncture, nutrition and massage therapy to help you feel your absolute best.

My Philosophy:

There is more and more clinical evidence that diet is inextricably linked to health and well-being. I work with patients on nutritional choices, supporting them in what works best for each individual.

Arwen Podesta, MD

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Telephone: (504) 252-0026

New Orleans, LA 70119

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