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Anne Baker, CN, LE
Auburn Hills, Michigan

A little bit about me:

Anne uses food as medicine to help people with serious, chronic health problems. She works with clients in person and virtually who want to avoid prescription medications and reduce their risks. Each person has a unique biochemistry, health history and food reactivity. Most chronic health conditions have underlying immune, digestive, and detoxification imbalances. Once these imbalances are found and corrected the body is better equipped to regain health. Her specialty is working with clients who have autoimmune conditions; chronic pain and digestive disorders.


  • Certified Nutrition Practitioner from Nutrition Therapy Institute, Denver, Colorado
  • Certified First Line Therapy Practitioner; an early interventional dietary and lifestyle change program used by many integrative and functional medicine doctors
  • BioIndividual Nutrition Specialist, from the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, San Francisco, CA. This is the clinical application of specialized healing diets and science based nutritional supplementation for chronic health conditions.

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Michigan Nutrition Association – Founding board member
  • Medical Advisory Board of W. and Whole
  • National Association of Nutrition Professional’s 2013 conference planning committee
    American Nutrition Association
  • Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Macomb Country Member
  • Healthy Traditions Network; Michigan’s local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation – leadership team

My Philosophy:

I have personally resolved many of my own chronic health issues such as migraine headaches; rosacea; joint pain; chronic fatigue and constipation by making significant changes to my diet. These include removing gluten from my diet, and increasing plant foods, healthy fats and consuming wild caught/pasture raised animal products.

Further, my own research and studies have proven to me gluten is associated with inflammation and chronic disease states. For these reasons I advocate and teach my clients about the benefits of eating whole, nutrient dense foods and work with them to find the specific foods that support their personal health goals.

If you’d like to learn more please visit my website While you’re fill out the Are we a fit? form for a no-fee 20 minute chat or contact me @ (248) 891- 5215.

While you’re there claim your copy of my Free Health Resource Guide and learn how to start helping yourself reduce your pain; increase your energy and sleep better. You’ll also get my Top Ten Worst Food Mistakes and how to avoid them; Plus three recipes from my new book Season it Well The Outrageously Delicious Gluten Free Recipe Collection for the Discerning Palate.

Anne Baker, CN, LE

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Telephone: (248) 891-5215

4239 Arcadia Drive
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

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