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Angelo Ippolito, DC
Long Island, New York

A little bit about me:

At 52 years old, I’m in the best shape and health of my life due largely in part to Paleo/Primal nutrition and exercise strategy.

My Philosophy

I integrate a Primal/Paleo diet into all my chiropractic protocols. Primal/Paleo nutrition is basically anti-inflammatory and it is inflammation that drives all chronic, degenerative disease including pain. Contrary to popular belief (perpetuated by Paleo Hacks), Primal/Paleo eating is NOT all about meat. Of course, grass-fed meats and wild fish are an important component, but equally important are the vegetable and fruit intakes which have an alkalinizing effect on the body which is a requisite for health. Other benefits of Primal/Paleo eating are maintaining insulin sensitivity and preserving the integrity of the intestinal lining which prevents dysbiosis.

Angelo Ippolito, DC

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Telephone: (718) 707-3500

47-12 Vernon Boulevard
Ground Floor
Long Island, NY 11101

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