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Alex Shvartsman, DDS
Smithtown, New York

A little bit about me:

Dr. Shvartsman is dedicated to painless dentistry, and exceptional dental care. He takes a holistic approach to your care by not using toxic and harmful materials such as mercury. The entire staff is committed to your comfort and health. Dr. Shvartsman’s dental office provides the most current technology that dentistry has to offer. His dental practice has become tone of the most technologically advanced office on Long Island. From 3-D Digital x-rays and one visit crowns, to lasers and needle free injections, the practice stands out among other Long Island dental offices.

My Philosophy:

Nature is and always will be better that anything man will invent. The diseases that paige us today are primarily the result of the disconnect between out biology and physiology and the artificial environment we have created for ourselves. This disconnect is profound in our diet. By following a paleo/primal diet we can get back our health. Our ancestors had straight teeth and 11% larger skulls that easily accommodated outs wisdom teeth. As soon as grains enter our diet tooth decay becomes rampant. added to that a mushy western babay-food diet and bottle feeding and you get problems with upper and lower jaw development that translates to crowded teeth and malocclusion, as well as breathing and airway issues.

Alex Shvartsman, DDS

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Telephone: (631) 361-3577

260 East Main Street
Suite 109
Smithtown, New York 11787

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