RIP Hostess: 1930 – 2012

Hostess Brands is officially closing it's doors and we can finally say goodbye to Twinkies and Ding Dongs (and many others). There's been a lot of talk about the number of jobs that have been lost with this closure, but I'd rather look at the positive side of things and think how many of these ridiculous desserts will be off the shelves of supermarkets everywhere — the number of people that this benefits greatly outweighs the loss of jobs.

  • Unfortunately, it's a poor assumption that this would be a net positive on anyone's health.

    Benefit can only come from education and enlightenment. Without people understanding the dangers of these foods and accepting the truth about the proper human diet, simple market demand ensures that competitors take Hostess' place.

    • It's more of a symbolic victory for me to see a company like Hostess go under (again). Hostess has seen hard times for quite a few years now as they have become the poster child for junk food. I do agree with you 100% about benefit coming only from education and enlightenment though — that is and must be the only way forward.

  • Greg

    Hostess will be selling off its assets. This will include equipment, buildings and other real estate, and their various brands. Someone will scarf up the rights to make ding dongs, ho ho's, and twinkies. We have not seen the last of them.

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