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One-of-a-kind dining events located in cities around the world. With farm-to-table, chef interpretations, paleo pop-ups, and even eating wild events you're sure to find an event that will open your eyes to the wonderful world of real food.

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With a focus on real food and ingredients, you're not going to find the latest 16 ingredient gluten-free cake mix here, instead you'll find recipes using quality naturally gluten-free ingredients. Take a look, you might be surprised at how good food can be.

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Many of the physicians and healthcare practitioners listed on Primal Docs are available for speaking engagements and can be booked directly via this site. The topics covered are diverse and vary by member and can be tailored to your audience.

Headache Causes and Treatment

Headaches, nearly half of the adult population has them. Some are a very minor disruption in your day. Some majorly disrupt work or school. Some make you go to bed early. Some put you in bed for days in pain. There are ways to classify a headache: tension, cluster, migraine, cervicogenic, hormonal/cyclic etc. etc. But if […]

The Importance of Supplementing Vitamins and Minerals While on Oral Contraceptives

While many women take oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, there are many other reasons women choose to take oral contraceptives. Treating hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts, and irregular periods as well as preventing pregnancy are all scenarios where the benefit of taking oral contraceptives may outweigh the risks. Considering many women begin taking oral contraceptives in early adolescence […]

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Eat Before Bed

It’s three hours past dinner and you’re getting ready for bed, when you feel the familiar grumble in your tummy. You’ve been told over and over again that eating before bed will make you fat; that eating before bed provides unnecessary calories; that you shouldn’t eat after [insert time here]. Conventional wisdom says that food […]

The Five Biggest Weight Loss Blockers Ever

It seems like everyone is struggling with weight loss these days and everyone thinks maybe it’s their thyroid, because that is one of the more known weight loss blockers, but if it isn’t then people tend to get a little stuck.  No matter what anyone tells you, weight loss is hard work and there are […]

The Brain Tooth Connection

Did you know that your teeth are in a constant communication with your brain? There is a hormonal feedback loop with the hypothalamus area that controls the pressure in the pulp and the resulting fluid flow helps prevent decay. No one has been writing about this more than Dr. Ken Southward. That is why I […]

How Soy Affects Hormones

I’ve never been a huge fan of soy. I don’t like soybean oil because it contains mostly omega 6 fatty acids, which promote inflammation. I don’t like processed soy protein because it impairs nutrient absorption. I don’t like how much pesticide is sprayed on soybeans. Inflammation, impaired nutrient absorption, pesticides. That’s why industrially processed soy is bad for hormones. But […]

Why Acid-Suppressing Drugs are a Bad Idea

The use of antacids, such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Tums is widespread. Half of American adults have used antacids, and they are the 3rd most common over-the-counter medication. Most people take these drugs to relieve the symptoms of heartburn, reflux, GERD, and indigestion. However, while these medications may reduce the symptoms, they are not treating […]

Thyroid Thicket – Part Three

How do I get to GOOD? Or, in other words, if my tests suggest something is amiss, what do I do? Let’s just talk about hypothyroidism, which raises the possibility of replacing, by prescription, thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism, whether overt or subclinical, takes a toll on normal physiology and will generally get worse if treatment is […]

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