Jasmine Moghissi, MDLocated in Fairfax, VA

    I spend a lot of time with my patients explaining why an ancient lifestyle will benefit them and how to go about doing it in this modern hectic world.

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    Cara Zaller, Located in Columbia, MD

    She is passionate about getting people to be proactive about their health and empowers them to achieve realistic goals for long term optimal health.

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The Definitive Guide to Coffee

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Coffee is serious business. We Americans drink about 400 million cups of it and spend several billion dollars on it each year. It’s the most popular drug on earth, and certainly the most socially acceptable. In many ways, coffee’s the closest thing we’ve got to a universal, daily ritual, as just about every morning, billions […]

DIY Memory Health, Part Three of Three

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Just this week in the news one of the brain exercise programs announced some great results with brain training games. The current study was a re-analysis of former data collected over a ten-year period observing almost 3000 healthy older adults. The group who did the speed-of-processing training, now available through Posit Science’s BrainHQ.com brain training […]

What Is the Best Test for SIBO: Lactulose or Glucose Breath Testing?

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What is the best test for SIBO? Is it the lactulose or the glucose breath test? The answer may surprise you. Let’s dig into the details. If you need help with testing for or treating SIBO, click here. Subscribe: Topics: Episode Intro…..0:42 The Research on Lactulose vs. Glucose Testing for SIBO….. 3:15 Why Lactulose Testing Has a […]

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