Jasmine Moghissi, MDLocated in Fairfax, VA

    I spend a lot of time with my patients explaining why an ancient lifestyle will benefit them and how to go about doing it in this modern hectic world.

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    Steve Wander, DCLocated in Rockville, MD

    As a former personal trainer, I have always been interested in food, nutrition and health. This led me to my path and training as a doctor of chiropractic. While seeing patients for years, i kept hearing similar problems come up when speaking to patients in addition to their aches and pains. Weight gain, obesity, diabetes and immune system issues. That is when I decided to focus on these issues in my practices and the rest is history.

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    Cara Zaller, Located in Columbia, MD

    She is passionate about getting people to be proactive about their health and empowers them to achieve realistic goals for long term optimal health.

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Skin Microbiota and Your Health

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Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Healthy, intact skin helps our bodies to retain moisture and provides a protective barrier from physical stress and strain as well as from environmental pathogens. Skin is composed of the outer epidermis and the inner dermis. Sweat glands and hair follicles with their associated sebaceous glands […]

6 Ways to Support Your Adrenals After Baby

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I’ve written several articles and done several interviews discussing adrenal fatigue and the gut-hormone connection. Today, you’re going to hear from my good friend, Dr. Jolene Brighten, integrative women’s health expert, as she discusses 6 ways to support your adrenals after baby. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to share some helpful information for […]

Can a High Fat/Low Carb Diet Slow the Aging Process?

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Free radicals are highly reactive, short-lived molecules that, when not balanced by antioxidants, can have an adverse affect on body systems, triggering a number of human diseases as well as aging. Aging is caused by free radical damage called oxidative stress that causes damage to our cell powerhouses called the mitochondria. Mitochondria produce ‘packages’ of […]

Nerve Entrapment: When a Nerve Gets “Glued” to a Muscle

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Not all numbness and tingling is coming from the spine (hint: a nerve entrapment can happen anywhere a nerve passes through other tissue). Nor is the carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis always coming from the carpal tunnel (another hint: the location of symptoms, while helpful, does not always convey location of the problem). In the below video, Dr. […]

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