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6 Triggers For Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders + How To Avoid Them

Thyroid disorders affect millions of people around the world. Millions more are undiagnosed, going years of their lives not knowing why they have symptoms like debilitating fatigue, weight gain, depression, anxiety, hair falling out or digestive problems. Research estimates that up to 90% of thyroid conditions are autoimmune in nature. Autoimmune conditions are a combination […]

Stay Fueled to Shed Pounds

Attention all hopeless dieters! I come with exciting news. You know how you feel cranky, irritable, stressed and starving? You don’t have to feel this way, and you do not need to keep starving yourself in order shed the pounds. Before you keep reading, you better march right over to your kitchen and grab a PFC snack […]

Oh My GERD: New Solutions to Acid Reflux (Part 1)

This article is part 1 of a 2-part series that sheds light on the causes of GERD, Acid Reflux, & Heartburn, and provides new evidence-based solutions that can correct the root causes of these symptoms. Two years ago I laid on a radiologists table getting my stomach and esophagus x-rayed after swallowing a rather large dose of nasty-tasting barium. […]

Lifehack – The Bad Habit Reset Button – Fasting

Don’t you wish you could just hit the button for a bad habit reset?  I do.  Especially right after the holiday season when I feel like I’ve eaten my weight in butter and “treats” (which are clearly not “treats” when you eat them constantly).  Sometimes it’s other habits or life areas that are struggling.  It […]

Mind Altering Microbes: How Your Gut Microbiome May Influence Your Mood

“I’ve got a gut feeling about this” While we have certainly heard that appetite and digestion are controlled by the enteric nervous system  (also known as “the master control panel in your gut”), who would’ve thought that the gut might also control your emotions and mood?  It’s no wonder the old sayings, like “I’ve got a gut feeling […]

Fluoride Taints Water and Thyroid Function

The synthesis of thyroid hormone, and its regulation, are complicated! If you’ve followed my Thyroid Thicket series, you have an overview of approaching someone who might be considered to have thyroid hormones. One of the details mentioned early in Part Three is that if you have low iodine, you might normalize thyroid levels by simply […]

Nrf2 is Not a New Password

Nrf2 is not just a few random letters with a number attached. Nrf2 actually means something – something important. For those inquisitive minds that like scientific names, Nrf2 stands fornuclear factor erythroid-2-related factor 2. Actually, Nrf2 is critical for your health. I will describe what this strange “word” is and how it becomes a powerhouse […]

Headache Causes and Treatment

Headaches, nearly half of the adult population has them. Some are a very minor disruption in your day. Some majorly disrupt work or school. Some make you go to bed early. Some put you in bed for days in pain. There are ways to classify a headache: tension, cluster, migraine, cervicogenic, hormonal/cyclic etc. etc. But if […]

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