Jasmine Moghissi, MDLocated in Fairfax, VA

    I spend a lot of time with my patients explaining why an ancient lifestyle will benefit them and how to go about doing it in this modern hectic world.

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    Steve Wander, DCLocated in Rockville, MD

    As a former personal trainer, I have always been interested in food, nutrition and health. This led me to my path and training as a doctor of chiropractic. While seeing patients for years, i kept hearing similar problems come up when speaking to patients in addition to their aches and pains. Weight gain, obesity, diabetes and immune system issues. That is when I decided to focus on these issues in my practices and the rest is history.

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    Cara Zaller, Located in Columbia, MD

    She is passionate about getting people to be proactive about their health and empowers them to achieve realistic goals for long term optimal health.

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Dear Mark: Cycling Harder Than Running, High-Fat Football Training, and Orange Theory

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For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three questions about training. First, why might cycling feel harder than running at the same heart rate, and what should be done about it? Second, is it safe or smart for a footballer to try to become a fat-burning beast when he’s currently in-season? Are there lessons can […]

Paleo Radio Bites 41 – Does This Gluten Make Me Look Fat?

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.fusion-fullwidth-2 { padding-left: px !important; padding-right: px !important; } Gluten is the main protein found it wheat and it’s what gives bread its chewiness and pastries their texture, but despite gluten’s gustatory appeal, this particular plant protein has been increasingly implicated in a wide range of health conditions ranging from gut related gluten allergies and […]

The Microbiota Miracle

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The gut microbiota is the world of bacteria that live in your gut. We have learned a lot about the gut microbiota over the past few years as research here has exploded. This invites the question, “Will we discover a miracle cure bacterium?” It appears that context may be a very important factor in determining […]

The Real Cost of Your Health Care Choices: Avoiding the Medical Merry-Go-Round

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Author’s Note: This, ladies and gentleman, is a long post.  At Barefoot Rehab, we address this problem enough with people who want quality care but don’t understand the economy of quality care enough to take the time to write this.  Reading what is below could save you thousands of dollars, years worth of frustration, and […]

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