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Speaking Engagements

Many of the physicians and healthcare practitioners listed on Primal Docs are available for speaking engagements and can be booked directly via this site. The topics covered are diverse and vary by member and can be tailored to your audience.

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Whether you're looking for a new family doctor or simply someone to get some solid nutrition advice from, our 800+ member physicians and practitioners (on nearly every continent) are here to help you navigate through the many shades of ancestral health.

Primal Supper Dining Events

One-of-a-kind dining events located in cities around the world. With farm-to-table, chef interpretations, paleo pop-ups, and even eating wild events you're sure to find an event that will open your eyes to the wonderful world of real food.

Real Food Recipes

With a focus on real food and ingredients, you're not going to find the latest 16 ingredient gluten-free cake mix here, instead you'll find recipes using quality naturally gluten-free ingredients. Take a look, you might be surprised at how good food can be.

Understanding Gelatin and Collagen Supplements

Gelatin and collagen supplements play an important health recovery role in the Paleo Diet, GAPS Diet or Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Long known for improving hair, skin and nails, gelatin has been commercially available since the 1920′s. The terms collagen and gelatin can be used interchangeably when talking about supplements. Here’s what I learned in doing […]

Thinking About Ditching Sugar?

Do you have a ravenous sweet tooth? If you are thinking about ditching sugar, know that going cold turkey can cause drops in blood sugar and symptoms of hypoglycemia. This in turn may cause the  sugar cravings you intended to avoid. Stable blood sugar is vital Fortunately, you can manipulate your brain chemistry to outsmart these cravings and […]

Coconut Water: Hype or Healthy?

Coconut water here, coconut water there, coconut water everywhere! Have you noticed the surge of it over the recent few years? I certainly have, and along with the growing rise in popularity comes a wide range of product quality.  Some of the more mainstream brands I’ve tried, though their ingredient panel appears benign, simply don’t […]

Longevity is Good; Quality is Better!

Statistically, we are living longer in the US today than ever before, but we are developing chronic diseases that significantly interfere with the quality of our golden years. Some of us are in distress and pain for decades before succumbing to these chronic diseases. This is not the way the human body was designed or […]

Have You Eaten the Feather-Shoe?

Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed) is one of the most valuable wild plants for those following a rewilding path.  It offers food, medicine, and relatively strong fibers for those that know how to identify and process this plant.  One of its indigenous names is wiphunakson (pronounced weep-hoo-NAHK-sun), which means “feather-shoe” in Passamaquoddy, a very fitting name for this species’ […]

Low Carb Diet Recommended for…

Yes, it’s come to that: every day brings  a news story about a condition for which a low-carbohydrate diet is the most healthy diet to follow. One such news article this week is really no surprise: low carbohydrate diets recommended for diabetics, types 1 and 2. The summary of the research on goes into quite a […]

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