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With a focus on real food and ingredients, you're not going to find the latest 16 ingredient gluten-free cake mix here, instead you'll find recipes using quality naturally gluten-free ingredients. Take a look, you might be surprised at how good food can be.

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Many of the physicians and healthcare practitioners listed on Primal Docs are available for speaking engagements and can be booked directly via this site. The topics covered are diverse and vary by member and can be tailored to your audience.

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Whether you're looking for a new family doctor or simply someone to get some solid nutrition advice from, our 800+ member physicians and practitioners (on nearly every continent) are here to help you navigate through the many shades of ancestral health.

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One-of-a-kind dining events located in cities around the world. With farm-to-table, chef interpretations, paleo pop-ups, and even eating wild events you're sure to find an event that will open your eyes to the wonderful world of real food.

Carbohydrates, Blood Sugar, and Your Health

Those of who read my blog frequently know that I talk about three problem networks: adrenal distress, leaky gut and imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism. Today I’m going to be going to focus on the third. Did you know that even when your blood sugar levels are within normal range, they could have an effect on your health? This […]

Tequila Isn’t A Paleo Prerequisite

A recent article in The Times yesterday focused on the CrossFit dating scene in New York City. Although I’m not a CrossFit Athlete, as a triathlete I understand how much sport is such a core part of one’s life, it makes sense that one would date, and potentially end up with a fellow enthusiast as […]

The Truth About Salt and Blood Pressure

Everyone knows that salt restricted diets are helpful for blood pressure, right? Right? As is often the case, the things that “everyone knows” should always be open to more scrutiny. Frankly if it were that easy, why would we not have fixed the blood pressure problem? There is no doubt that there is a link […]

Should You Restrict Salt?

Salt intake is as controversial as water intake and fat intake, but where is the evidence behind the recommendations for dietary restriction.  Sodium chloride (salt) is the most abundant mineral circulating in our blood and is essential for life.  Many people still see salt as something they must avoid for optimal health but this may […]

Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts

A friend of mine is an avid workout guy – at least an hour a day, 5 days a week. He also eats non-fat foods and lots of whole grain cereals and grain products. I recently told him about ancestral nutrition, effective exercise, and their relationship to overall health. He not only blew me off, […]

Paleolithic & Hunter-Gatherer Sleep

Are humans evolved to sleep through the night or is natural sleep bimodal or otherwise fragmented? What can we learn from the sleep of Paleolithic hominins and modern hunter-gatherer societies? Paleo-anatomists studying fossilized skeletons of Australopithecus (3.9-2.9 MYA) and Homo habilis (2.3-1.4 MYA) found they were well adapted to climbing. Although much of their daytime […]

Coronary Artery Calcium Score

Calcium is a chemical element that is essential for living organisms. Most of the calcium within the human body is found in teeth and bone. Small amount, about one percent of total body calcium, is dissolved in the blood. Undissolved calcium is metallic and hard and is difficult to break or cut with a knife. When […]

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