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Real Food Recipes

With a focus on real food and ingredients, you're not going to find the latest 16 ingredient gluten-free cake mix here, instead you'll find recipes using quality naturally gluten-free ingredients. Take a look, you might be surprised at how good food can be.

Speaking Engagements

Many of the physicians and healthcare practitioners listed on Primal Docs are available for speaking engagements and can be booked directly via this site. The topics covered are diverse and vary by member and can be tailored to your audience.

Find a Primal Doc

Whether you're looking for a new family doctor or simply someone to get some solid nutrition advice from, our 900+ member physicians and practitioners (on nearly every continent) are here to help you navigate through the many shades of ancestral health.

Primal Supper Dining Events

One-of-a-kind dining events located in cities around the world. With farm-to-table, chef interpretations, paleo pop-ups, and even eating wild events you're sure to find an event that will open your eyes to the wonderful world of real food.

Want to Be a Nutritionist?

Every day I get several email requests from people for information about how and why I became a certified nutrition consultant. (You can read my story here.) Because I get so many of these requests, I did a podcast with helpful information for those considering a career change or a course of study in nutrition. You […]

The Reason We’re So Unhealthy: Choices

Sure sure, lifespans are longer but humans are pretty darn unhealthy right now and honestly I think it all boils down to one thing, and that is unhealthy choices.  Which sounds pretty much like a no-brainer, right? But here’s the thing – it’s not that we are newly weak willed and our ancestors would have […]

Diabetes Medication Associated with Heart Disease in Women

Last month, Diabetes Care, a journal of the American Diabetes Association, published an article linking sulfonylurea use to increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women. Sulfonylureas stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin and include glipizide (Glucotrol), glyburide (Micronase), and glimepiride (Amaryl) in the US, as well as gliclazide (Diamicron), available in Great Britain and Australia. […]

Eggs and Bacon for Adults, Too

For decades, one possibility of treating seizures in children has been the ketogenic diet. Once the mainstay of epilepsy treatment, the troublesome ketogenic diet faded to a lesser position with the advent of pharmaceutical drugs capable of controlling seizures with only minimal or moderate side effects. Applying the same treatment to adults has never been […]

Are Your Skincare Products Making You Ill?

We often think of our skin as being a protective layer that keeps out toxins and other substances that are bad for us. In actuality, it acts more like a filter, keeping some things out but allowing others to permeate through the skin and into the bloodstream. While this means we can apply certain medicines […]

Meds for Hair Loss? What Are You Eating?

The other day at the hair salon, I noticed the woman in the chair sitting next to me because she was strikingly beautiful.  She was mid-treatment of some sort so it was impossible to see what her hair looked like, but she appeared outwardly very healthy, slim and lovely with striking features. In such close […]

4 Steps to Live an Epic Life

If you were asked to write the story of your life, do you think it would be an epic?  I think that most people would like to think that their life would make an interesting story but if you step back and look objectively at your stories, would they really be interesting? Our lives are […]

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