THR1VE: A New Café in Sydney

I just wanted to introduce you to this café if you are in Sydney. It has a Paleo twist and you will love the quality, quantity and value … there is nothing like it in Australia. THR1VE is based on evidence based protocols proven to achieve the greatest possible body recomposition, with the highest potential for long term compliance, in the shortest possible time. THR1VE’s objective is to simplify incredibly effective diet, supplementation and exercise regimes to the point they are universally accessible, affordable and automatic. Check out the menu here.

We believe that though the science can be fiendishly complex, its practical application is not. And that despite the protestations of a multi billion dollar industry to the contrary, you dont need fancy equipment, an expensive gym membership, or the latest in lycra based workout wear to transform your health and wellness. For convenience we will group the most compelling research under several key headings, but only to assist you in self directed research, and ultimately in taking control of your own health and wellness. We are not prescriptive.

Michele Chevalley Hedge (that’s me) has been on the THR1VE team from inception, partnering with the founder and the chef to optimise the menu, design meal plans and cleanse options, and provide invaluable input into the latest in scientific research in nutrition. Michele’s philosophy of evidence based diet and exercise design, and her emphasis on real food as opposed to extreme diets, in music to our ears at THR1VE, and we are delighted to be able to share her sage advice with our customers through our delicious and nutritious menu.

Hope to see you there!

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About Michele Chevalley Hedge, Nutritionist

“Modern Day Nutritionist’ … when the leading editor of Australia’s leading health publication first introduced me as” Michele is the modern day nutritionist who believes that good food is the foundation of our mental, emotional and physical health and can be done withOUT extremes”…. I thought that summed me up perfectly!

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  • Carol

    Paleo eating is pretty simple and yet everytime I go to a restuarant they put wheat on everything. Even the sweet potato french fries!

  • Cassie

    Paleo food should be simple food but it does need to be cooked really well. This is something the Italians do very well funnily enough but we Australians don't have the touch yet.

    How you cook something and with what energy is more important than the ingredients. Although good quality ingredients are important if you cook them without the skill they just taste ordinary.

  • Angeli Yuson

    Hi Michelle, thanks so much for this recommendation! I work just near this cafe and was looking for places in Sydney that had Paleo style food.

    I try and eat paleo but have just started getting into it more recently.

    Great blog!