Holiday Grey Area?

grey area

Are you finding yourself in a strange, grey area when it comes to your food choices during the week between Christmas and New Year’s?

As though part of you feels you’re ready to begin, or return to those healthy habits you may have strayed from, while another plays the part of the proverbial devil on your shoulder and suggests you carry on eating sweets and skipping your workouts?

Go with the former!

The more you move, the healthier foods you’ll want to choose. The healthier foods you choose, the better you’ll feel and before you know it, there will no longer be even a thought of nibbling on that leftover stuffing your auntie brought over for Christmas dinner or those cookies that your colleagues gifted to you.

Change the grey area to a green area, filled with fresh veg, and you’ll land on New Year’s Day already on a roll, rather than feeling like you’ve got a long way to go.

About Nell Stephenson

Nell Stephenson is a Paleo Lifestyle Coach & Nutritional Counselor, Paleo chef and certified fitness trainer. Having collaborated with Dr Loren Cordain, the original author of The Paleo Diet, on The Paleo Diet Cookbook and being an advisor to The Paleo Diet team, Nell specializes in simplifying the science of Paleo into everyday living.

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