Researchers at the University of Texas have found that “BPA-free” doesn’t mean safe, in fact BPS, which is the replacement in plastics, is just as toxic. BPA, which has been taken out of most consumer goods because of it’s strong effect on estrogen has been replaced by bisphenol S (BPS). I’m guessing you noticed that “bisphenol S” sounds almost exactly like “bisphenol A” and there’s a very good reason for that: it’s because they are almost exactly alike. When we found out how dangerous and toxic BPA was and consumers demanded BPA  free products, manufacturers just replaced it with BPS which has the same effects but isn’t as talked about in the media. Great system.

BPA Looks Like This:

BPA molecule

BPS Looks Like This:

BPS - too close to BPA for comfort. The obvious similarities between BPA and BPS make them act in similar ways in your body.  BPA and BPS both bind to estrogen receptors and are linked with hormone-related cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer and obesity.  BPA free doesn’t mean safe.

BPA free is a load of B(p)S!

BPA free is a load of B(p)S! The bottom line is that “BPA free” is a load of B(p)S!!! Share this with as many people as you can and help your friends and family buy safe products that are not plastic. Be a smart consumer. You can read more about the research below: BPA replacement alters hormones at low doses, study finds — Environmental Health News.

About Amy Neuzil, ND

I’m a naturopathic doctor, speaker, author of DIY Health: For Women, blogger and teacher. If you’re not familiar with naturopaths, we’re a whole lot different from the doctor you’re used to. NDs try to find the root cause of disease, the imbalance in your life that is leading to disharmony. This means long detailed visits, lifestyle modifications and most of all it means putting YOU in charge of your health. Making you into your own best health care practitioner.

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  • Viola

    Any advice on how to choose canned products like salmon and tuna?

  • One Who Actually Does Research

    To Science Demands Evidence’s comment,

    There is a link within the article that leads you to a more in-depth article and the peer reviewed publications supporting these claims.

    “You can read more about the research below: BPA replacement alters hormones at low doses, study finds — Environmental Health News. “