What Exactly Is This ‘Bundle’? (Act Fast, It Ends Tonight)

This bundle deal includes:

  • 52 e-books
  • 5 meal plans
  • 1 private kitchen community membership
  • 3 online magazines
  • 1 online fitness plan
  • 20+ discount codes

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Cooking/Preparing Food (13 e-books valued at $155.77)cooking-and-preparing-paleo

Cooking/Preparing Real Food (8 e-books valued at $62.87)


Meal Plans/Food Community (6 memberships valued at $167.77)

Personal/Home Care (8 e-books valued at $113.78)


Fertility & Motherhood (7 e-books valued at $116.38)


Inspiration (2 e-books valued at $34.96)


Fitness (5 e-books valued at $73.97)


Intentional/Simple Living (2 e-books valued at $5.98)


Informational (6 e-books valued at $42.46)


Detoxify (2 e-books valued at $34.99)


Online Magazine Subscriptions (3 @ $77.85)


There’s no gimmick. No hidden or extra costs. It’s really a no-brainer…

Buy it now- ends January 6th 2014!

About Nell Stephenson

Nell Stephenson is a Paleo Lifestyle Coach & Nutritional Counselor, Paleo chef and certified fitness trainer. Having collaborated with Dr Loren Cordain, the original author of The Paleo Diet, on The Paleo Diet Cookbook and being an advisor to The Paleo Diet team, Nell specializes in simplifying the science of Paleo into everyday living.

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