The New Warning Signs of Gluten Sensitivity:
Primal Docs Member Amy Myers, MD on The Dr. Oz Show

Did you see Primal Docs member Amy Myers, MD on The Dr. Oz show last week? She was discussing “The New Warning Signs of Gluten Sensitivity: If you’ve tested negative for celiac disease but still suffer from joint pain, skin conditions and mental fog, you might still have a gluten sensitivity. Learn the new warning signs for the condition you thought you knew everything about”. (Click here to watch Dr. Amy Myers on Dr. Oz)

Amy Myers on Dr Oz

A Few Words from Dr. Myers

On Monday evening I was home creating my first ever ‘Vision Board’.  I placed a photo of Dr. Oz on it hoping that in 2015 when my book is published that I would be on his show.

Two days later, on Wednesday, I walked out of my office to Aicacia saying, “Did you hear, someone from The Dr. Oz Show called you?’

They had read several of my articles and watched all of my videos and felt I was a ‘trailblazer’ in the field of gluten sensitivity.  They talked to me for about 15 min and decided I was ‘the real deal’ and then the adventure began.

I flew up to NYC and we filmed a few days later.  It all went off without a hitch.  It was fantastic!

I am very proud of the segment and so thankful that a show with this large of a reach is bringing the issue of gluten sensitivity to light.

I am thrilled beyond belief as to how many people this episode is going to help.

Please share this email with anyone you think might be suffering from a gluten sensitivity and maybe has not been ready to listen to your advice.  Perhaps seeing it on mainstream TV will give them the little nudge they need.

I THANK YOU all for your support now and always.



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  • Janknitz

    I wanted to share this with my niece who has intractible migraines and is starting (finally!) to consider a gluten-free diet. But I think the next segment, telling people how to shop for whole grain products greatly confuses the message. Not your fault, but it’s illustrative of Oz’s utter duplicity. I don’t want to send ANYONE to him to learn about nutrition because he so muddles the message.