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    Larry Silber, DCLocated in Issaquah, WA

    I have found that by starting people off on an anti-inflammatory/paleo-type diet have many people have experienced dramatic improvements in their health, just by incorporating this one change.

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    Resolute Michaels, NTPLocated in Federal Way, WA

    The work of Dr. Weston A Price shows that there are many traditional diets that are healthy. Yet, the thread that runs through them all is that they were made up of nutrient dense whole foods in their natural state.

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    Patricia Sylwester, MDLocated in Olympia, WA

    At Vital Rejuvenation we use the scientific principles of evolutionary nutrition and epigenetics to design transformative programs for our patients. Guided by the principles of Functional Medicine, we evaluate all aspects of your life. The foundation is a nutritionally dense, whole foods, paleo type diet. We utilize ketogenic diets when indicated. Our goal is to prevent and treat disease while slowing age related mental and physical decline.

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