What Does Your “Gut” Have To Do With Your Mood?

Hands forming heart on stomachYour gut, aka “inside your belly”, has been proven to be your body’s literal “second brain”. For years, the medical world has been trying to figure out what causes our moods to change and what causes common problems that most of us face like stress, anxiety, and even depression.

These are common problems, and we know they are linked to serotonin, but did you know that 95% of serotonin isn’t even produced in the brain? Serotonin is actually produced in the gut.

What we put inside of our bellies is directly related to our emotional health. Our gut consists of bacteria and we need that bacteria to have a healthy balance or the rest of us will not be balanced including our mood. Your gut and your brain work together, so if one is out of balance the other will be also.

Have you ever had an upset stomach because your mind was stressed? Well, think about it, if it works one way, it works both ways. There have been many scientific studies that have linked mood problems to gut problems, and vice versa.

Is your gut balanced with 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria? That is the recipe for a healthy gut and a healthy mood.

Unfortunately, with today’s diet comprising of processed box food, highly refined treats and junk food, we have managed to do a good job of disrupting our gut flora. Add toxins to the mix and the overuse of antibiotics, and what you have left is a gut with very little, to no good bacteria.

Worst case scenario, our guts are now ready to taken over by the “bad” guys, which leads to digestive issues, which in turn affects our moods.

The good news, is this can be avoided or reversed. The best way to make sure your body has healthy bacteria in your gut is to feed your gut healthy bacteria. Some symptoms of an unhealthy gut include gas, bloating, nausea, sugar cravings, and more.

Kombucha – fermented tea

Kombucha – fermented tea

The best way to make sure that your gut is getting the healthy nourishment it needs is through probiotics. Probiotics can be in pill form, or you can get them right through your diet. Excellent sources of probiotics include kefir and fermented or cultured foods and beverages.

Knowing which strain/s of probiotics to take can be helpful as well. Most of us can purchase supplements from the store, however, they usually don’t cover a wide spectrum of bacteria.

Working with a professional who has access to a professional line, ensures you are purchasing a higher grade of probiotic, and one with multiple strains to meet your needs.

Keeping a healthy gut in check will help you to digest food properly, absorb vital nutrients, and maintain a healthy state of mind, aka your mood.

Would you like more information on how to repair “the gut” and get your health back?  I am starting a 12 week program, TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH that addresses this issue directly, and all the underlying issues that lead to our health breaking down and our inability to lose weight.

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