Treat Hypothyroid and PMS Simultaneously with Chaste Tree Herbal Supplement

We discuss how chaste tree herbal supplement can have a positive effect on thyroid function and female hormones.

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Treat Hypothyroid and PMS Simultaneously with Chaste Tree Herbal Supplement

Dr. Michael Ruscio: Hi, this is Dr. Ruscio. Hypothyroid, PMS, and the magical herb—what’s the connection? Well, the magical herb is called chaste tree. And I don’t know if it’s necessarily magical, but it’s certainly a novel herb. And let me break down for you how the herb chaste tree can have an effect on both low thyroid function and female hormones and fix both at the same time.

So if you look at this schematic, it’s a little bit detailed, but I’ll walk you through it. The herb chaste tree actually acts in the brain to help balance out levels of your happy mood chemical called dopamine. We have to have appropriate levels of dopamine not to be anxious, to have mental energy, and to be able to focus.

Now, as chaste tree balances out dopamine, it inhibits another hormone in the brain from going high called prolactin. And what prolactin will do when it goes high is it will shut down the ovaries’ proper release of progesterone. And when you don’t have good progesterone levels, you are more prone to have PMS and to have lower thyroid function.

So the tie in between thyroid and progesterone is that progesterone, like I said, has a direct influence on thyroid function. And this is why when women go to infertility clinics, they’re actually given a body temperature chart because right after you ovulate, your body temperature goes up and stays up for the second half of your cycle because after you ovulate, you produce much more progesterone. Progesterone helps turn on thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone makes you hot amongst other things. So that’s that connection there.

Now, I want to show you a quick study here. This study showed that, as far as PMS goes, 93% of women who took chaste tree for three consecutive cycles saw either elimination or reduction in their PMS symptoms. So there’s certainly some good research out there about chaste tree. And there are a number of people that chaste tree will be good for.

But there are also some women that chaste tree won’t work for. Women who are no longer cycling, it won’t have the desired effect. And there are a few other caveats with chaste tree. But certainly an herb that is generally safe and one that can help a lot of women who have both these issues at the same time. Just always be careful when using herbs. And if you have any questions, you can always let us know.

If you need help managing your thyroid or hormones, click here

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