Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Seeking Help for Chronic Fatigue

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I spend a lot of time on Facebook groups revolving around chronic fatigue and its various causes (adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, mold/environmental toxicity, etc).  I try to educate people and answer their questions.

There is one thing that has become extremely apparent.  People are tired of putting time, effort and money into getting better, but not getting results.

I don’t blame you, I’d be pissed.

I’ve seen a few things continue to pop up that are undermining people’s effort to find help regain their health.

We’ll take a look at each of them, then I’ll tell you how you can stop wasting time and money and get your health back on track starting ASAP.

Not Screening Your Healthcare Team

This one had to go first because it is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

Just because someone has some letters behind their name does not mean that they will be effective in helping you get better.

It’s pretty obvious that you need someone that has adequate training, not some self-proclaimed guru that has no training and no depth of knowledge… as many of you know there are a LOT of those out there.

But training is not enough…

You’re also looking for someone that’s going to take the time to listen to you and understand your current situation, how you got there and what your goals and aspirations are.

Ultimately, you’re looking for someone that is very good at putting together puzzles.  They need to take the information that you’re giving them, untangle and sort it all out, then put it back together using their training and knowledge to form a cohesive plan for you to get better.

Here are a few questions you can use to screen clinicians:

  • What kind of training does this person have? You’re looking for someone with adequate training in their respective field.  If they claim to be able to help people by aligning their spine, but they’re training as a dietician, that might not be the best person for you to see.
  • What evidence do you have of their success with other people similar to you? Social proof is extremely powerful. If dozens of people that were in similar circumstances as you are having positive results working with this clinician, then that’s a big positive.  The proof is in the pudding…. Mmmm, pudding.
  • How long do they allot to see each person that comes in their office? This one is something that most people don’t even think about, but it’s big… really big.  Call the practitioners office and talk to the person that does the scheduling and just ask, “How long does Jane Doe spend with each patient she sees?”  If the answer is less than 30 minutes, move on.  You’re looking for someone that is going to take time to get to know you and understand your situation.  This is not a quick process.

Guessing Instead of Testing

Okay, stepping up onto my soap box for a minute because this one really grates my nerves.

Don’t guess that you might have XYZ illness or assume that you do because of a handful of generalized symptoms.

Test it!

Now, I fully realize that testing is not perfect.

I make sure that people know the limitations of the testing up front, but I also explain the benefits of doing it.

Testing up front is going to save you time and money, not to mention a lot of grief.

How many times have you bought a supplement or went on a specialized diet protocol because you were just certain that you had [FILL IN THE BLANK]?  Did it work?  No?

How much time and money did you spend with that experiment?

You’re going to have to commit to a certain level of financial obligation to get this testing done, but ultimately it’s going to save you from going down rabbit holes that lead to nowhere.

You’ll get better quicker by following the mantra “test, don’t guess.”

Listening to The Latest Self-Proclaimed Expert

While I’m up on my soap box, I might as well get this off my chest as well.

Facebook groups and many other forums are full of well-intentioned people that have suffered similar issues as what you are experiencing and are there to share stories of their failures and successes, as well as provide words of encouragement for others.  Thank God for the people that actually adhere to this.

Now, there are 2 other kinds of people.

The first is a group of people that think they fall into the category above but their application is all off.

They present personal experience as fact or the gospel.  Here’s an example:

When I was first getting started, I seemed to have a lot more energy when I was eating 14 bunches of spinach per day.

A simple statement of experience.  On the other hand:

You need to eat 14 bunches of spinach per day.

See the difference there?  Just because one person got more energy from eating 14 bunches of spinach per day, does not mean that it will work for everyone.

Please don’t go out and start eating 14 bunches of spinach per day… it was an absurd example.  Okay?  Thanks!

Then there are people there that are primarily trying to sell you something.  It might be a miracle cream, or some magic tonic, or their latest program to totally fix your adrenals in just 6 weeks!

Listen, I’m just going to be brutally honest for a second.

There is no single supplement that’s going to totally fix your fatigue.

There is no special diet that is going to work for everyone.

And there is no… and I mean NO, one size fits all approach.

If you want to get better, it takes an approach that incorporates advanced diagnostic applications and individualized therapy.  It’s that simple.

Okay, stepping off the soap box and taking a seat next to you…

Parting Words of Wisdom

Are you tired of going to specialist after specialist just to see little or no improvement?

Are you tired of spending money you don’t have?

Are you tired of being tired?

I get it.  I went through very similar struggles about 5 years ago.  Those struggles planted the seed of what I’m doing today.

I help people put the puzzle pieces together.

I use the latest diagnostic modalities to identify the underlying cause of your chronic health struggles, then help you develop and implement an individualized plan to regain your health and your life.

Now, here’s what I want you to do:  Book a free initial consultation with me.

There’s no smarmy sales crap going on here.

We’ll take about 30 minutes to talk to each other, you’ll tell me about your struggles, your aspirations and goals, then together we’ll develop a roadmap of how to get your health back on track.

That’s it.  If that sounds good to you and you want to book your free initial consultation, click here.

If you do your call and you want to become one of my clients, then fantastic.  If not, I’m still going to provide you with a ton of information that will help you on your journey and I hope you send me a message one day with a success story of how you’ve got your health back.

Don’t keep wasting your time, money, and energy.

Get your health back on track starting now.

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