Thyroid Toxins and Nutrients Podcast

Thyroid Toxins and Nutrients Podcast with Beverly Meyer //

Thyroid Toxins and Nutrients Podcast with Beverly Meyer //

Understand thyroid toxins, nutrients and goitrogens and their effects on thyroid function. The thyroid is highly sensitive to certain foods, heavy metals and chemicals that displace Iodine or disrupt the manufacture or conversion of T4 hormone and the active T3.

Here’s some of the topics on this Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast:

  • How mercury in your fillings and certain seafood interfere with T4 to T3 conversion
  • Common chemicals you’re exposed to daily that displace Iodine
  • Iodine supplements and sea vegetables
  • Estrogen and Cortisol effects on the thyroid
  • Goitrogens in foods and how much is safe to eat (watch those Smoothies!)
  • The importance of Selenium, the correct dose and how to get it from Brazil Nuts
  • The effect of illness, injury and trauma on thyroid function

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