Testosterone For Women: Dangers, Doses and Tests

Primal Diet Modern Health podcast - Dangers of Testosterone for Women //

This Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast features Beverly talking about the dangers of Testosterone for women and men, and how to dose and test it.

There is no FDA approved Testosterone for women. Studies are sketchy and conflicting. Women make very little Testosterone so it’s hard to test it correctly, although you can measure FREE Testosterone (of more value than Total Testosterone) by blood or by saliva. Some studies show risks of heart attack and stroke from Testosterone in women and many other side effects.

Here’s some of the topics in this podcast – thanks for listening:

  • The side effects of Testosterone in women
  • The “anti-aging” fad of high-dose Bio-Identical hormones
  • Why low libido is common after menopause
  • The dangers of topical hormones
  • The true cause of low Testosterone
  • How to use Chaste Tree to support Progesterone

How to Balance Testosterone for Women

Hormone balancing is dependent on healthy adrenal function, as Testosterone, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone and Cortisol are all made from the same raw material, and by the adrenals in a post-menopausal woman. Using Passion Flower to reduce the anxiety of modern life can help keep the adrenals from burning out.

Here’s links to things I talk about in this show:

Premier Adaptogen with Maca to build low Testosterone without drugs

The FDA warning label for all users of Testosterone

The supplement DIM to help reduce elevated Testosterone or Estrogen

Systemic Formula’s Fpms supplement in my online store

Consults offering Hormone Testing and review

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