Studies Emphasize Risks Of Maternal Obesity On Mothers And Babies

Studies Emphasize Risks Of Maternal Obesity On Mothers And Babies.


More evidence mounting and stronger recommendations against obesity and here focusing on pre-pregnancy weight and its potential lifelong effects on the children as well as the gestational complications experienced in the pregnancy that likely also would have long lasting effects on the children. As we know the biggest issue is elevated insulin and it’s negative effects all the way around. I just keep wondering how long it will be before mainstream researchers start thinking out of the box when it comes to nutritional recommendations. Low Carb High Fat is the only effective and sustainable method of correcting this problem.


At our national meeting ASRM, this week, the snacks at morning and evening breaks were bread, pretzels, gummy bears, and chocolate balls, coupled with soda. We’re doomed! In my day that kind of candy was reserved for kids and Halloween not snacks at a meeting?

Michael D. Fox, MD

Jacksonville Center

Reproductive Medicine

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