Snapper, Salmon and Such

grassfed lamb

My first weeks teaching Chinese Medicine have been immensely fulfilling and very full—but not too full to enjoy delicious dinners.

Here’s what’s been on our plates . . .

This grass-fed local lamb seemed like a great choice…but ended up being too warm for me that evening.

In Chinese Medicine, lamb is “hot-natured,” meaning it has a heating effect on the body. Not a problem…except that we had it on a night that was crazy-hot (like 80 degrees inside the house hot).

Still, the bitter greens were a delight—as was the rhubarb from our backyard, sautéed in local butter. Olives and goat cheese added a nice touch too.

Oh yeah, and we discovered a new favorite yoghurt!

This one’s from grass-fed cows grazing on Vancouver Island.

The addition of high-quality dairy helped cool down the too-warming-for-summer fare.

wild red snapper
After the lamb mistake, we settled into a week of mostly fish.

Honestly, when it’s hot out, that and eggs are pretty much the only animal proteins I want.

We started with wild red snapper from British Columbia, serving it slightly differently on two different days. 

red snapper with peppers plates

We usually eat the same protein two nights in a row, minimizing shopping and decision making.

And yet, it’s nice to mix up veggie sides a bit.

Day two of the snapper saw the addition of peppers, onions and ginger sautéed in butter.

red snapper with peppers

And of course, there’s pretty much always avocado drizzled with olive oil on our plates. 

wild salmon rhubbarb

Snapper is great and all…but for me, there’s just no comparison to wild salmon. 

This was my favorite dinner this past while, and I was happy to repeat it on night two.

Randy crusted his with shredded coconut and walnuts. I preferred my walnuts on the side.

wild salmon

A bite of local smoked prosciutto complemented the fish perfectly, making it feel special.

And fresh organic veggies plus backyard rhubarb completed the plate.

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