Slip Me Some Tongue (Beef Tongue, That Is)


Whether you’re full-on paleo-primal or not so much, being disconnected from our food sources is pretty common in today’s world.

For me, this disconnect is most glaring when it comes to the animals on my plate.

I have never hunted or slaughtered an animal (other than fish) and am not sure I could.

This is a problem. It reflects a very modern disconnect.

Thing is, choosing not to eat any animal protein is, for most people, an unkindness to their own bodies, minds, vitality and longevity.

I say this from an objective rather than subjective or ethical standpoint. In objective terms, their bodies, minds, vitality and longevity suffer.

To choose that path is not “wrong,” but it does have tradeoffs. So it’s really important to have as much clarity as possible around where we have choice and what we are choosing.

AND I deeply empathize with those who struggle with the killing and eating of animals.

Our culture, and our removal from the source of our food, makes it difficult to be in right relationship with it.

In slaughtering an animal, it’s important to ask permission and to give thanks.

It’s also important to recognize—and bow to—the sacred circle of life and death (a circle we are part of, like it or not).

Our modern, “sanitized” eating system does too little of that. And does too much to perpetuate disconnect, ignorance and waste.

So, as part of my own efforts to get more intimate with the food on my plate, reduce food waste and support body-mind health, I bring you our latest foray into locally sourced, head-to-tail dining…  

Grass-fed beef tongue.

Randy gingerly approaches our very first grass-fed tongue, ordered special from the local butcher.

What you see here is the result of long, slow stovetop simmering. To ensure the tongue was tender rather than tough, Randy cooked it for three and a half hours completely submerged in water.

To the broth, he added salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf and thyme (discarding the liquid after cooking since it’s not so tasty).

Good tongue…

Once the tongue had simmered for a long while, we cut and peeled away the white outer layer from the soft meat beneath.

(Notice the knife in Randy’s non-stroking hand.)


So good, this tongue.

We then sliced the tender meat into into 1/4-inch pieces…arranging them amid local greens, bell peppers, red onion, goat cheese, and sugar-free spicy mustard.

Sautéed shiitake mushrooms from the Saturday farmer’s market completed our plates.

The combination of those and oh-so-tender, absolutely delectable tongue was out of this world.


Best tongue ever.

And like organ meats generally, beef tongue is a nutrient-dense delicacy. A stellar source of complete protein and health-supporting fatty acids, it’s also rich in zinc, iron, choline and B-12.

So we’re talking a boost for your immune system, nervous system, and overall healing and tissue repair… along with joint, skin, muscle and brain health.

All that AND less food waste…plus closer connection with the animals that feed, nourish and heal us.

Come on…give it a try!

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