Programmed to Heal

Programmed to Heal

One way to heal your symptoms is to get all cells, tissues and organs in resonance with the universal resonance of consciousness. We’re getting deep here but consider this from a quantum point of view for a moment. Ready? Here we  go. You and everything around you are vibratory patterns of light and information that can receive the necessary intelligence and knowledge to heal.  The language of sound through healing vibrations such as binaural beats or mantras and light through thought/intentions and prayers are all healing because you are flooding the system with new information. This becomes a pattern interrupt from the normal flow of thoughts.

This approach brings harmony and quickly balances the body’s energy field. This approach also works to strengthen the connectivity of the prefrontal cortex and the emotional center of your brain. This can help to break maladaptive beliefs that you may slip into. It can also work to release some physical symptoms as well as emotional ones. 

Impacting your cells with healing sounds, music and mantras along with guided imagery is very therapeutic for the immune system.  You entrain your brain, endocrine and immune system to relax and repair.. This process can help can help you release and regulate excess emotions, correct cognitive errors to think and act more effectively. Listening to music and healing sounds helps to clear your mind so that you can spend more of your time in peace.

Tapping into the higher aspects of oneself adds to the resonance that heals all cells and symptoms. For more info on sound healing treatments, check out my healing music programs here.

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