Perched above Give-out Creek? Read this.

Deer Creek Falls

Yesterday evening, I took a very long walk in a new-old home—meandering along rural, mountain-lined roads…then ascending to a favorite spot above the crashing waters of “Give-out Creek.”

The walk gave me a chance, amidst a recent whirlwind of moving and movement, to give myself over to reverent awe at the wisdom of the Universe…and how things unfold in ways I could never, ever predict or imagine.

I remembered and re-experienced a walk here years ago—my first year living in Nelson, BC—when I was suddenly and seemingly irrationally filled with grief and fear over having to leave. Five years after that moment, the “irrational” fear came to pass. I was forced to leave, heartbroken and thought the Universe had abandoned me.

I eventually came to terms with that loss…and saw it as the only way I would’ve partnered with the Love of my lifetimes.

Now—in an amazingly unpredictable, sudden turn—I am back in my Home. In a matter of weeks, my entire life has changed…and yet, really, has just circled around after picking up so, so much along the way.

I am absolutely clear that to get here as I am now, there was no other way.

The grief, heartbreak and loss were essential.

So I bow to the innate wisdom of this path and will hopefully hold fast to the lesson that love is always available…and things are always unfolding in and from that place.

Okay. Now you.

If you find yourself in a place of heartbreak, grief or struggle…

If you feel you’ve lost your way…

I encourage you to pause.

In that pause, pan outwards to picture the whole Earth and entire Universe.

See yourself there, from that more expansive perspective.

Know the immensity of that Universe is unfolding in ways we could never, ever fathom. Rising and falling…rising and falling again…for all of time, before and beyond.

Where you are now is part of that miraculous unfolding. Is part of you.

So however difficult, overwhelming or miserable your current place of struggle, know that everything is still unfolding—that YOU are still unfolding.

Know too that you are being held, carried and protected by something far larger than yourself.

Rest in that place, even just for a little while.

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