Natural Health Phone Consults & Lab Testing

Natural Health Phone Consults & Lab Testing by Beverly Meyer //

Thanks to dozens of requests, I now offer natural health phone consults and lab testing. If you can’t come to my San Antonio offices, here’s a way to spend some quality time together.

5 Reasons to do Natural Health Phone Consults with me

  • I’ve been a patient of alternative therapies since the 1970’s, working through many types of issues and many types of therapies. I’ve never worked with Cancer, but I have worked with my own Celiac Disease, Graves Disease, Herpes, Adrenal failure, panic attacks, TMJ, Menopause and Insomnia. For starters… So, I have lots of hands-on experience to pass on.
  • In the 1980’s I sold my businesses to work on my declining health. I traveled in the US, Canada and overseas to work with mentors, take seminars, and apprentice with successful health practitioners. I began practicing in 1985 and passed the extremely rigorous exams to become a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) – a somewhat rare specialty unrelated to Nutritionists or Dietitians. For the sake of my own health and for clients trusting their wellness to me, I study relentlessly, looking for ever better ways to find and manage health dysfunction at its root cause.
  • I’m offering to run Cyrex Labs tests which are astonishingly helpful and very hard to find. Their tests for reactivity to 20 gluten analogs (WAY beyond a standard Celiac test), Leaky Gut, Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods and more are worth their weight in gold. I’m also offering saliva hormone testing of the adrenals, male and female hormones. I’ve used these tests for many years as they often provide the key missing piece of information in finding the cause of symptoms. I wouldn’t practice without these tests.
  • I can review your detailed Food Diary and offer specific advice on where you need to make changes. Do you need more fat? More regular meal times? Is gluten or sugar sneaking in there, or GMO corn? Are symptoms you note on your food diary (bowels, sleep, mood) related to what you ate and drank? 100% of new clients at my Diet & Health Center do these food diaries – I think they’re the best place to start to see how to feel better without taking supplements. Supplements come a bit later when we’ve done some food and lifestyle support.
  • Sadly, I’ve seen people who’ve taken some health classes but don’t have much experience, offering on-line consults for $200 to $350 an hour. I charge $145/hr. and I think that’s fair to everyone. I work hard when we’re not on the phone to be as efficient and helpful as I can when we’re on the phone. And I don’t mark up the price of your lab tests.

If you can’t do a consult right now… primal diet modern health podcast

If you haven’t explored the hundreds of health articles on my blog, or the hundred or so Primal Diet – Modern Health podcasts, please dig in and help yourself for free. I spend a huge amount of time writing, designing images and creating podcasts to offer realistic clinical info you can use today to make your life better. My online Supplement Store has amazing products I take from my clinic shelves and mail straight to you. I love and trust every one of them.

By the way, I buy from over 70 companies and can get most anything you need. Let me know if you want something not in the online store…

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