NatMD Radio: The Fermentationist


The Fermentationist on Natural MD Radio with Aviva Romm

My guest today is Fermentationist and founder of Guts and Glory, Summer Bock.

“I think of a healing journey as a staircase: you take one step at a time, and not every step looks the same.” – Summer Bock

Show Notes:

  • Why you should drink sauerkraut juice
  • What fermented foods Summer eats most often
  • How Summer cleared her own food allergies
  • Why you need to trust your body
  • How to cut down on Candida
  • What mistakes people make when trying to heal the gut

“I think one of the biggest mistakes is that people tend to view our gut through the same lens that western medicine views our body.” – Summer Bock

  • What is the human sewer situation
  • How to create wiggle room for your health
  • The importance of caring for yourself
  • What are your self-care non-negotiables
  • Why you need to surround yourself with good people
  • The connection between stress and histamine intolerance

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Links Mentioned:

  • Read about the dark side to Kombucha
  • Check out
  • Check out Summer’s series Guts and Glory
  • Connect with Summer:

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“Some of the most important bacteria in your gut are not found in probiotic supplements.” – Summer Bock

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