Why You Need to Unplug Every 90 Minutes

We all have rhythms and cycles, but most of us are not living by the ones that nature uses to guide our bodies. Now most of us have heard of circadian rhythms that you’ll be hearing more about from me, and of course as a woman we have our menses.

Today I’m talking about a completely different kind of rhythm that my guest, Pilar Gerasimo, says you may have never heard of. Hacking this biological rhythm can transform your experience of your work life, your day, your happiness, and give you more satisfaction, focus, and concentration.

Pilar is not only a very close colleague but also a dear friend with whom I love to discuss science, health politics, and being an aligned woman. We talk a lot about how to not just strive, but thrive in ourselves. Pilar’s life mission is to help people make sense of the confusing overabundance of information that can often turn into a cacophony.

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“They’re rhythms of being energized and de-energized, being productive and needing to recover.” – Pilar Gerasimo

Show Notes:

  • What is the ultradian rhythm
  • Why we tend to fight our natural cycles
  • How to know when you need a break
  • What you lose when you don’t take breaks
  • How to build yourself back up

“We can more readily take breaks than we think we can, and the people around us actually support it more, especially once they know the science around it.” – Pilar Gerasimo

  • How to fit breaks into your daily life
  • Why you should try shifting your focus
  • The importance of taking breaks even when working from home
  • Why you have to listen to your body
  • How choosing to be healthy is revolutionary

Links Mentioned:

  • Listen to Pilar’s podcast The Living Experiment
  • Read The Twenty Minute Break by Ernest Rossi
  • Check out The Energy Project
  • Read Tony Schwartz’s book The Power of Full Engagement
  • Join me and Pilar for our Total Body Life Reboot
  • Connect with Pilar:

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“The two most important things are making a shift of environment or task, and having the intent for it to be a break.” – Pilar Gerasimo

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