NatMD Radio: Celeste Fine – Advocating for Yourself and Your Babies


Today’s guest is special because not only is she a friend and a colleague, but she’s my book agent! I’ve gotten to know Celeste Fine and hear some of her stories and I want to share them because I think they’re really important.

Celeste is known for negotiating six and seven figure book deals for high profile authors, and for being a champion of  big ideas that have a big impact Her goal is to have big ideas that can have a big impact in print. Her clients include Sara Gottfried, Amanda Steinberg, Dave Asprey, JJ Virgin, Joseph Pizzorno, and many others.

But today I don’t want to discuss Celeste’s career and accomplishments. Instead I’m talking to Celeste about an experience she had that was so compelling that I wanted to share it with you. Celeste was pregnant with twins when her babies were diagnosed with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a rare condition in which one twin thrives at the expense of the other. The initial recommendation from specialists was to to terminate Baby B to save Baby A or to end the pregnancy altogether. Rather than just accept this advice, Celeste pushed for a second opinion, which changed everything – for the better.  She thinks it’s important to push for a second opinion when a doctor gives a dire report, especially during pregnancy when you might feel exhausted and emotionally drained. Then it’s easy to accept what doctors first tell you to do.

As a midwife and physician I’ve seen so many patients get misdiagnosed and miss an opportunity to get a second opinion. As Celeste wisely says, “Even the best doctors aren’t perfect – we have to be our own and our family’s best health advocate.”

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“A lot of this new stuff is really great, but you have to also keep it in context, which is that it can give you lots of information but it can also give you misinformation.” – Celeste Fine

Show Notes:

  • Why medical testing can be misinformed
  • Why you should talk to professionals who understand these tests
  • What happened during Celeste’s pregnancy
  • The difference between fact and interpretation
  • The importance of getting a second opinion

“People are very quick to say the worst scenarios of these tests apply to you because you’re of a certain age.” – Celeste Fine

  • Why you can’t guarantee the outcome
  • How to just do your best
  • What Celeste learned about how to be a patient
  • The importance of being an effective patient
  • What women can do to find support

“Find what works for you and who resonates with you, and be the one who’s in charge.” – Celeste Fine

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