NatMD Radio: Amy Myers – The Thyroid Connection

Amy Myers on Natural MD Radio with Aviva Romm

Today’s guest has a unique perspective on the struggle that many people face with thyroid problems. Not only is Amy Myers a medical doctor practicing functional medicine with a focus on thyroid and autoimmune diseases, but she has also struggled with thyroid challenges herself.

Listen in as we talk about how Amy was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, the role that stress plays in illness, and why we shouldn’t be afraid of taking medication or having surgery.

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“I feel like I am lucky all the time that I’m a doctor and that I know, and that I know when to be persistent, and I encourage all of my patients to be as well.” – Amy Myers

Show Notes:

  • What happened to Amy during her first year of medical school
  • How stress can cause health issues
  • Why women need to ask for what we need
  • How Amy treats Graves’ Disease
  • How to use integrative therapies to treat Graves’ Disease

“This is ever evolving, and we’re constantly learning and thankfully we’re learning new things.” – Amy Myers

  • The evolution of thyroid disease treatment
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid of medication and surgery
  • What pushed Amy to focus on thyroid and autoimmune issues
  • Why you have to keep looking for the right people to work with

Links Mentioned:

  • Join Amy’s community
  • Get a copy of Amy’s newest book The Thyroid Connection and her previous book The Autoimmune Solution
  • Check out Amy’s multivitamin
  • Connect with Amy:

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“There are so many people not getting diagnosed and then when they are getting diagnosed, they’re getting so mismanaged.” – Amy Myers

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