My Primal Blueprint Podcast Interview on Vitamin K2

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Here’s the link to my Primal Blueprint Podcast interview on Vitamin K2, with Elle Russ hosting the podcast.

I call Vitamin K2 the “Cradle to Grave” nutrient as we ALL need it every day of our lives. We don’t store Vitamin K2 like we do the other fat soluble vitamins so we have to have it daily.

Some of the topics in this interview on the Primal Blueprint Podcast with Elle Russ:

  • The difference between K1 and K2
  • What K2 does
  • Where we get it in food
  • Why Walkabout Emu Oil is the richest natural source
  • How else to get K2 in food and supplements

We also talk about my career and how I ended up as a natural health practitioner with my background in business. HINT: think burnout as the Mother of Necessity!

I talk with Elle about remembering K2 this way: “K Karries Kalcium”…. Anywhere we want calcium to go, that’s where we need K2 to carry it there. If we’re deficient in K2, calcium precipitates out of the blood stream and can deposit in veins, gall bladder, joints, kidneys, bone spurs and more.

In addition to skeletal formation, the other great role of K2 in children is helping calcium build strong wide cheekbones that can hold a jaw big enough for all 32 teeth. As Weston Price discovered in the 1930’s and 40’s, diets rich in A, D and K helped provide wonderful healthy teeth (and bodies) for people worldwide.

Listen to the interview at this link and enjoy!

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